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Integrated Crop Management in Direct sown paddy

box Mr. K. Mani is a progressive farmer in Ariyapadi village in Arni Taluk of Thiruvannamamali district cultivating paddy for past twenty years. He was regularly cultivating ADT 43 and 45 in Kharif season. By implementing traditional practices i.e. higher seed rate, imbalanced nutrition, less awareness of pest and disease management & lack of knowledge on postharvest management, he was getting low yield and income. The income was not sufficient for maintaining his family. As he could not find any remedies for this problem, he contacted our KVK scientists during 2013-14.

Our KVK scientists suggested to go for mechanized paddy cultivation viz., accurate leveling of field, drum seeder usage (wet condition) for direct sowing of seeds, weeding with cono weeder, balanced nutrient application based on LCC (Leaf Colour Chart), timely pest and disease management practices, usage of combined harvester for harvesting the crop. By applying above technologies he reduced the cost of cultivation and gained more yield & income. box

Through the adoption of ICM in direct sown paddy cultivation he obtained 2800 kg/ac. But the conventional method of paddy cultivation yielded only 2300 kg/ac. The ICM was cost effective, consumes less water and high fertilizer use efficiency when compared to conventional method. The yield increased by 21percentage over the conventional method. The farmer is getting an additional income of Rs.19,892.00/ha over the traditional method of cultivating paddy. The ICM in direct sown paddy has spread in and around his neighboring villages too after seeing the results of this technology.